Mike Campbell

Fitness Bio

I am a graduate of Resistance University and the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research.  Since 1996, I have been training clients of all ages and fitness levels.  I have worked with teen athletes, senior citizens, executives, post rehab patients, and those with special needs, such as cerebral palsy.  I am a passionate student of exercise, and I use only the most effective and scientific methods available.  Client obstacles are viewed as welcomed challenges, and they will be overcome.

Defense Bio

In 1990, I was the victim of a violent street attack.  After that incident, I realized that each person is responsible for their own safety.   I started studying at a kung fu school and assisted teaching self defense programs to men, women and children.  In 1999, I met my current teacher Glenn Fiore, who introduced me to his self defense system called IAM Defense, or Instinctive Actions Movements Defense.  This efficient method brings out a student’s natural instincts and movements to stop all forms of attack, with nothing to memorize.  I became certified to teach IAM Defense in 2001, and have been sharing this invaluable art with clients and students ever since.