I have trained with Mike for perhaps the best part of 22 years. I began to work with him in my early 60’s; I’m now in my 80s.  Mike is an outstanding personal trainer. His knowledge is incredible. He is a stickler on the proper form for each exercise. He is a master at working out a schedule so that there is an overall plan for what he is doing to improve one’s strength and fitness. It is the very opposite of hit and miss. Of great importance, Mike knows just how much I can take in any session and thus leaves me feeling pleasantly worked out. Many trainers I have used over the years leave me feeling I really have accomplished very little, while they do the opposite and leave me exhausted as if I really would like to go to bed. Mike produces a very positive feeling of having worked out. I feel as if I have accomplished something (which I have). He always asks me how I feel at the beginning of a session – does anything hurt, anything sore? Almost always the answer is, “yes, I am sore,” but I’m never in pain that is bad. Mike is also very interested in nutrition, and he often has recommendations for me in this area. Finally, Mike is a very interesting fellow. We often get into interesting conversations about various matters that help make the hour pass by quite quickly. Mike is scrupulously honest and trustworthy. I offer my one hundred percent and unqualified recommendation for Mike as a personal trainer.

– Robert Davies

I worked with Mike for several years, and he helped me build up my strength and keep my flexibility. I am in my 60s and, thanks to Mike, am able to do all the activities I love to do without any problems. Exercise is not my favorite activity, but Mike had the patience and encouragement to help me achieve my goals.

– Fran Sucharow

I trained with Mike for over 17 years. He got me through a lot of rough times…chemotherapy and radiation. He was always professional. He keeps up with current understandings about all areas of fitness, and he knew when to push me and when to back off. He is kind and helpful, and he communicates well. I recommend him highly!

– Suzanne Gespass

I worked with Mike for several years at my house. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so it was very important to find someone knowledgeable. He was great at devising workouts that helped me get stronger and reduce my pain (these were my goals). We primarily used free weights and bands. He really helped me stay active and pain free. I would strongly recommend Mike.

– Tracy Vogler

Mike has been such a wonderful addition to my dad’s life, I’m so grateful. No other trainer was willing to work with my father, who’s 100 years old, but Mike was ready to help him get stronger, and he has.

– Andrea S., Mel’s Daughter

I have trained with Mike Campbell for several years in the gym in my basement, and I have fun (never thought I would use that word and training in the same sentence). I find him to be intelligent, flexible, and supportive. Mike possesses all of the attributes needed to be an effective personal trainer. He challenges and motivates me mentally, emotionally and physically. He has in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and nutrition and was able to set up a program for me that that incorporated flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance along with promoting healthy and nutritious eating. Although I have rods in my spine and limited mobility, Mike has designed varied and interesting workouts tailored to my needs and goals in a safe and effective way. He taught me the correct way to use both the equipment and my body weight for workouts. I am shocked to find myself wanting to exercise several days a week so that I can add more challenges at our next appointment. Mike never failed to inspire me. Anyone lucky enough to train with Mike Campbell will be as grateful as I am to have had the privilege.

– Lisa Corl

Mike trained my husband for more than 10 years, and I also met with Mike a number of times. Mike helped my husband transform his fitness, gain strength, lose more than 40 pounds, and greatly improve his health overall. He also helped me to establish some strength training routines that got me into the best shape of my adult life. And he is super reliable, a great guy and fun to work out with. We highly recommend Mike!

– Carolyn Biondi

Mike has been my trainer for 11 years. The experience is always excellent, generally two times a week for an hour at a time.  Mike is an experienced trainer, who is serious about his craft. He kept the sessions fresh by changing up routines and using different types of equipment to work the same muscle groups. He has the right balance of making the workouts challenging so that you progress to your objectives without overdoing it such that it takes a couple of days to recover after each session (I’ve had those types of trainers, where you end up not looking forward to getting beat-up, even after you’ve had a discussion). Mike is a quality guy, if you are going to spend that much time with somebody you want to have a great workout and have some good conversations. Always enjoy the time with Mike, I would highly recommend.

– Grant Kvalheim

Mike Campbell is the most professional trainer I’ve ever worked with. His attention to detail, while tailoring my workout based on my own strength and progress, has brought my physical condition to a stronger, healthier place than I’ve been in 10 years. Mike’s knowledge of specific anatomy and strength training has made a difference in my life both to prevent injury in my job and to put me in much better shape in my day to day life.  Thank you Mike.

– Crystal Atwood

Mike is a great trainer, I trained with Mike for several years in the process of training I lost about 100lbs and have been able to keep it off because of what Mike taught me. Mike would break things into chunks so that no matter how much free time I had there was a workout I could do. Mike was able to mix things up so that workouts did not get repetitive. Mike kept great notes about our workouts so that I always knew what I was doing. Mike is a great trainer that I highly recommend.

– Barry Arons

I started working with Mike as my Personal Trainer back in January 2016.  I tried doing the gym in the past, but did not have the discipline to stay with it.  From the moment I met Mike he was a person who I knew would help me achieve my goals and also along with that would help change my habits to a healthier one.  Mike challenges me, and always looks to see what my needs are and where I feel I want to focus. Mike’s knowledge in what he does is very impressive and you see the passion he has for the work he does.  He knows how to connect, relate and listen the needs which can change from time to time with me.  He knows my limits and always gives me the encouragement and motivation I need to keep going.  I look forward continuing to work with Mike.

– Biljana Obrenic

I have thoroughly benefited from training with Mike Campbell.  Mike is a trainer that can push me hard with quick transitions from one exercise to another, giving me a fantastic cardio work-out while weight training.  I cannot do that for myself on my own, but with his guidance and fast pace adjustments, he keeps you moving.  More importantly, Mike makes sure my muscles are challenged, but not my joints.  He makes sure proper form is used and that each rep is quality over quantity. This helps me get a fantastic work-out without aggravating some old sports injuries I deal with which is what most other trainers don’t pay attention to or even find out about.  Mike does a great job planning each session and setting you up for success.  If you are looking for someone to push you to your limit safely, Mike would be a great trainer for you to work with.  I highly recommend him.

– Chase Hughes

Mike is a terrific personal trainer.  He has an encyclopedic knowledge of exercises and routines which tie to specific goals or issues.  He has a marvelous manner, striking perfect balance of pushing you to achieve a bit more, while at the same time being attuned to the client’s capabilities and mindset on a given day.  Beyond all of that, he is simply a great guy.

– John Q.

I can attest to Mike’s focus and dedication as my personal trainer.  He was my trainer for over a year.  Mike always focused on me as an individual, tailoring workouts to suit my needs, whether working through an injury, bringing the workout to my office to accommodate a busy schedule or going all out on a particular workout because that was required.  He improved my physical condition dramatically.  Mike knows his business well and is always professional and focused.

– Anthony Kuczinski

I wholeheartedly recommend Mike Campbell as the finest personal trainer I have encountered.  He has trained me for over 2 years and I have been impressed with his customization of all programs.  Although fit, I am 60 years old and he is very careful to personalize all exertion appropriately to allow joints and muscles to adjust rather than be strained.  His formal training and certification from a prestigious group in Oklahoma all come into play, as well as his knowledge of martial arts.  He is well versed in anatomy and exercise physiology.

I began training with Mike after knee surgery as part of rehabilitation but that soon developed into a program of fitness 2 – 3 times per week.  As a corporate executive, it is important to have a flexible and convenient fitness program.  Mike comes to my home, works with the equipment I have but also advises what else is needed and arranges any purchases.  He is very considerate in rescheduling sessions if needed, always flexible, and very prompt.

Personally, Mike is conscientious, polite, good natured and very professional.  Mike should be on the top of anyone’s list if you are looking for an expert, highly trained, customer oriented, health conscious trainer.  He is a man of high integrity that executes his craft in an affable manner.  Please feel free to call me for a personal validation and expansion of this recommendation.

– Dr. Elliott S., MD

I am writing to recommend Mike Campbell for personal training services.  I have had the pleasure of training with Mike since 2004.  He is an outstanding trainer and has changed my life.

He started training me at my house 10 years ago and we have had 2 – 3 sessions a week early in the morning.  When we started, I was over 240 lbs, had little muscle tone or strength, and couldn’t run a mile without being exhausted.  Today, I am 180 lbs, have much more strength and have completed a half marathon.

Mike has taught me how to train safely and effectively and is incredibly knowledgeable about appropriate techniques for training.  He helped me set up my home gym, obtained well-maintained used equipment at reasonable costs and offered excellent advice.  He is exceptionally reliable and barley missed a session in 10 years, always coming to my house on time.  He was very accommodating of my changing schedule.

Mike’s incredible adaptability with clients has let him excel in personal training.   I have recommended him to my boss, my friends, my parents, my wife and my kids, all of whom train with him regularly.  He is very patient and makes his clients feel comfortable with him.  I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased if you work with Mike.

– Paul Biondi

Mike Campbell is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with! He customizes each session to target specific needs. Mike varies the routines so it’s never boring.  I am stronger now than ever!  And he’s flexible with my changing schedule! Finally, he’s a great storyteller when a distraction is needed!  I would recommend Mike Campbell to anyone who wants to improve their fitness regimen!

– Shaunna Fuller

Mike is a very knowledgeable trainer. He watches with a keen eye on every exercise I did to make sure it was done properly. He listened to my needs and wants for my results. And I got great results in a short amount of time. He is always on time and makes great use of the time I had to workout. Great trainer and friend.

– Mandi Shupe

Mike is an extremely competent and knowledgeable trainer. I have a back injury and he has been great to be extremely cautious working with it, while still giving me great, sweat producing workout! If you haven’t worked in a long while (as was the case for me) he also is great to find the perfect balance to keep you just sore enough….but not so sore that you can’t move. I highly recommend him for any age, level of fitness, or body type.

– Whitney S.

Mike’s training philosophy and methodologies ensure that those he trains achieve their optimal potential.  He uses a scientific approach to customize and vary the routines that fit the individualized needs and abilities of his client, with minimal equipment requirements and a focus on safety to avoid injury.  Mike’s professional demeanor is essential to the trainer-client relationship, ensuring a personal comfort level during training sessions, and a long term commitment from his clients.  Mike invests substantially in his own ongoing training and certification, and maintains his certifications with the well-respected Resistance University and the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research.  Based on my experience with Mike as briefly described above, it is without reservation that I recommend Mike to any potential client seeking a first-rate training experience with a professional trainer; and I also recommend Mike to any company with a wellness program that assists employees with identifying personal trainers.

– Craig R. Smiddy

Mike has been instrumental in improving my strength training over the last year.  I have always been athletic and started doing triathlons a couple of years ago.  My results were decent, but have improved dramatically with Mike’s help.  For example, I was tenth in my age group at my “A” Olympic triathlon last year.  This year, I was fifth with a time drop of over 9 minutes.  In previous years, my strength training was haphazard.  I would often skip sessions simply because I had been doing the same exercises for years and was unmotivated.  Mike brought focus to that aspect of my training.  His workouts are varied and use virtually every piece of equipment I own including resistance tubing, dumbbells, exercise balls and my Life Fitness G4 Home Gym System.  He customizes my workouts to integrate with whatever I have going on in my training and race schedule.  He also offers suggestions and modifications to avoid those creaky joints and muscles that 54 year old bodies always seem to have.  I like Mike’s ability to “amp up” the workout when he sees that I am capable of handling it.  I have never felt that Mike would run out of challenges.  Mike is very flexible with scheduling workouts.  I work out every day alternating between swimming, running, cycling and strength training, sometimes combining these activities.  I am able to schedule workouts with Mike that fit seamlessly into my regimen.  He is very punctual, allowing me to do an easy cycling spin warm up and be ready to go when he arrives at my house for sessions.

– Mark Corl

My husband and I have been training with Mike since 1998.  We love that he is very knowledgeable in the principles of exercise and fitness and that he stays up to date on new ideas.  Mike makes our routines  challenging, makes sure we understand how to do the exercises properly to prevent injuries, and if we have a pre-existing injury, he is capable of formulating routines to strengthen those areas.  We love training with Mike because we know every session will be worthwhile.  Since we play tennis and golf, he can suggest exercises to enhance those sports.  Most of all, Mike is very personable, as well as an excellent fitness trainer!!!

– MaryAnn Howland

My wife and I have been working with Mike since 1999.  The workouts he has given us are challenging and even fun.  He always observes, makes changes as necessary and then provides a new routine to keep us challenged.  He also listens to our requests for specific golf or core training exercises and incorporates them into the program.   I had shoulder surgery a few years ago.  It went well and rehab was okay.  I did end up with a limited range of motion and strength.  I asked Mike for a specific shoulder workout which he provided.  After doing it, I now have better range of motion and have increased my strength significantly.

– Larry Callan

Mike is a professional.  He is adept at customizing my workouts to the demands of my life and skilled at helping me build strength, maintain tone and prevent injury.  I also belong to a gym, but it’s the workouts with Mike that I find most useful.  He mixes up routines with combinations of Bowflex, dumbbells and stability ball exercises based on my preferences.  It is always a great workout and never feels like work.

– Dr. Jonathan Sachs

Mike Campbell has been our trainer since 2005.  He is very knowledgeable about fitness, technique and diet.  His positive attitude truly keeps us going.  We welcome his visits every week.

– John & Julia Haaland

I would like to thank Mike Campbell for the 7 years of personal training and attention that he has provided to me.  Given my “love” of exercise I am not the easiest guy to motivate, but he is terrific in understanding what I want to accomplish (general physical health) and designed a program to do just that.  His friendship is essential to my motivation.

– Lawrence Sucharow

Mike Campbell has been my personal trainer since 2005.  He is punctual, pleasant and very knowledgeable.  He designs the training around my needs and abilities and gives me routines I enjoy so I will exercise on a regular basis.  Mike changes the exercises as I progress and is innovative in using equipment that suits me.  He has worked at my pace to help me get stronger and healthier.

– Renee Altman

I have worked with Mike for 8 years and he is a great trainer!  He is very knowledgeable and offers individualized and varying routines that get the results the client wants.  I always feel safe because he focuses on technique, always making sure that I get the most out of each workout.  I am stronger than I have ever been, which is my goal.

– Susan Bakewell-Sachs

Working with Mike has been nothing short of a stellar fitness experience. I was impressed with his professionalism from our initial meeting, where he was so thoughtful in assessing my fitness needs and capabilities. Being five months pregnant when I started training, safety was my number one concern and I’ve never doubted that safety is also Mike’s number one concern. Although he already had experience training pregnant clients (something many trainers do not have), he researched the most up to date safety guidelines and built a custom fitness regimen perfect for me. Not only are our workouts safe and EFFECTIVE, they are varied, challenging, and fun (honestly, no one has better stories than Mike). I’ve absolutely gotten stronger and my stamina has improved since working with Mike, which makes me feel more prepared to go through the labor and delivery process. Whether you’re physically limited or unrestricted, you’ll reap tremendous benefits from training with Mike!

– Alyssa M.

Mike had me at “science based”.
I had never worked with a trainer before but knew that I needed help.
There are many ads for fitness programs and clubs that quite frankly sound gimmicky and cliquish to me.
I knew I wouldn’t stick with anything like that.
I spoke with a couple of trainers by phone.  Mike was straight forward, to the point, calm, pleasant, and extremely professional.
He made sense and did not pressure.
I have been comfortable working with Mike from the very first session.   He listens and designs a smart workout based on my needs and stated goals.
He mixes it up to keep things fresh but keeps the focus.   Mike is positive and encouraging, especially when I am not.
I think that is his experience showing, knowing what is going to work best for each client.
His knowledge and experience have enabled him to adapt exercises around physical challenges for me.
He has also been consistently reliable and is very accommodating when we have scheduling challenges.

I’m so glad I found Mike and I would recommend him to anyone at any level of fitness.

– L. Gray

My wife and I have been training with Mike for more than 3 years now, and have benefited greatly. My wife suffers from a chronic back pain condition and Mike has created a custom set of routines for her that has helped her strengthen her core without causing any pain issues. He is easy to work out with, always on time, flexible when our schedules change, and ensures that our workouts are tailored to our current physical conditions. He even looked up the hotel I was staying at during a business trip and suggested a set of routines based on their listing of available equipment. This is exactly what makes Mike an exceptional trainer. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone.

– A.B.

I first met Mike when my nephew did an internet search for personal trainers. He was very personable. I have CP, Diabetes, and Lymphedema. Mike isn’t a physical therapist but he does a lot of research on my disability to find the best exercises and diet for me. He even got me to try Boca burgers, and I’m a carnivore  I’m very proud because working with Mike and a few diet changes I’ve lost 20 pounds.

– Joe Morelli