What to Expect

How I Train Clients

A skilled personal trainer needs to know the materials and tolerances of the structure they are working with, how it works, its potential and limitations, and the risks and benefits of a particular chosen action or decision.  I use this “engineer’s approach” when taking clients through training sessions.  Every client’s exercises are based on their body and what it is capable of.  I am constantly assessing, adapting, modifying, creating and planning during a session to give you the safest and most efficient workout possible.

Our First Session

Our first session together is complimentary.  It is the time to discuss your goals, needs and limitations, and to see if we will work well together.  We will go over some health and medical forms, I’ll assess what your joints can do safely, and we’ll do a sample workout.  If you decide that you want to continue, we will discuss scheduling, policies and the plan that will accomplish your goals.  If you decide it’s not for you, no harm done – there is never any pressure to train with me.

Getting Started

Getting started is simple.  Call or e-mail me to discuss goals, ask questions and to set up your complimentary first session.

Phone: (609) 770-1111

E-mail: mike@mikespft.com